Gravel and Stone Driveways

A gravel or crushed stone driveway adds to your property’s curb appeal, and therefore, to the value of your property.  Gravel or crushed stone are very popular as driveway materials.  Uses, prices and sizes differ and may affect your decision on which one to utilize.

Using Gravel or Stone has Benefits

The first reason to use gravel or stone is the attractive appearance of the driveway.  Gravel and stone can give an elegant look to your property that can create a modern or upscale theme for your landscaping ranging from a countryside home to a more traditional English Tudor.

These aggregate materials as very easy to work with as well as affordable.  Creating layouts of different shapes and sizes are easy to do.  Ongoing maintenance requires little effort, and the gravel or stone endures all kinds of weather.  Loose fill material for driveways continue to be a favorite for many home owners.

Gravel or Stone?

Both gravel and crushed stone are great to use for driveways, but each has its different properties making one preferable over the other.  Depending on the look and budget you have, you can decide based on these properties.

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone is often heavier than gravel coming in many varied types.  If homeowners want a more sparkling decorative look, they may choose to go with white or black marble chips.  If they want a more permanent look with heave, dense aggregate, they can choose quarry stone or grade fill.

Crushed stone comes in many different styles and colors for everyone’s taste. Some prefer the traditional, understated of washed clean stone, stone made from either limestone, traprock, granite, or gneiss. It is carefully pulverized and screened to whatever size you want.  ¾” stones are usually used for driveways, but 3/8” or 1 ½” stones are also used depending on the look wanted.

Crushed stone comes in many decorative varieties.  Whiter rock reflects heat and is as functional as it is attractive.  Quarry process rock is crushed rock and stone dust that creates a very durable, compact and semi-permanent surface.


Gravel aggregates are usually lighter in weight and smaller than most crushed stone which makes is more affordable.  Like stone, gravel is beautiful and versatile.  A classic look can be created by using the traditional gray gravel.  Or more custom looks can be created with decorative gravel.

Pea gravel is a popular choice for gravel driveways.  It is called pea gravel because the stones are similar in size and shape to a pea. With a wide range of different colors, it is ideal for driveways.  It comes in shades of white, tan, green, red, blue, gray and brown, making it easy to coordinate with any landscape.

Large Choice of Gravels and Crushed Stone

There is a wide variety of choice when it comes to choosing gravel or crushed stone.  When choosing the aggregate you want for your loose fill driveway,  you will have many options to choose from.  All gravel and crushed stone  comes in a variety of textures, sizes and colors.


The price of the gravel or crushed stone that you are considering are influenced by different factors.  Both are more affordable than other types of driveways, but still have variables that can affect your final cost.

Volume Required

When deciding how much material you will need for your new driveway, it is very important to accurately calculate how much material you need.  If you order too much or too little, it can throw your budget and schedule off.  Consulting with a trusted professional as to how to measure the driveway’s width, length, and required depth is important in avoiding any major problems.


The gravel or crushed stone supplier that you use is a major role in the cost of your aggregate materials.  Be aware that a big retailer such as Lowes of Home Depot do not manufacture their own materials and often mark up the materials to a higher price that you would have to pay by going direct to a manufacturer.

Delivery Services

Getting the product, once purchased, to your location can add to your costs of a driveway.  Unless you have your own method of transporting the materials, you will need to hire a trucking company.  Verify that the company you hire is properly licensed in your area and is fully insured with liability, automobile and worker’s compensation coverage.  A clean safety record and timeliness on their part will help avoid or reduce the likelihood of any problems.

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