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Hauling Services for Construction Materials or Waste Removal

Meza Trucking Offers Reliable Trucking Services

Our 25 years of experience enables us to provide cost benefits to our customers by utilizing the suppliers and disposal sites that are closest to their location, reducing costs for hauling services.

Delivery and Removal Trucking Services

Delivery of Construction Materials

When you need construction or landscape materials such as delivery of dirt, soil, rock, gravel, wood chips and more, we will pick up the material you need from the supplier closest to your location to obtain the most economical costs for you.  If you need construction materials hauled which we do not have on our website, we will locate the closest supplier for you.  Our mission is to deliver and provide the hauling services in the most reliable and efficient way possible to minimize costs and hassles for you.

Waste and Debris Hauling Services

Our fleet of Meza Trucking semi-trucks are equipped to handle waste and debris removal of construction or demolition materials quickly and efficiently.  The knowledge gained from our many years of experience hauling materials gives you the convenience of having your project work completed with the least amount of time and stress for you.  Our reliable and competitively priced hauling services keeps you on time and on budget.  Call or contact us for a free estimate.

Advantages of Meza Trucking 

Our business is trucking and landscape materials, but our value to our customers lies in our network of suppliers.  We know which suppliers are the closest to your construction site that have the materials you need.  This is important because hauling and transfer trucking rates are also based on distance/time and terrain that the trucks must travel to deliver your materials or remove your debris.

Meza Trucking has survived as a trucking business for 25+ years, aiding construction companies in Northern California because we know the local jungle.

Our competitive pricing and quick response time in fulfilling your needs is what makes us stand out among our competitors. We are reliable, so you can trust us to make your job easier.

It is our knowledge that saves you money and hassle in the following areas:

  • HAULING: We will remove waste dirt, gravel, etc. to the closest disposal location to your job site.
  • MATERIALS: We know where to get the specific construction material you need nearest to you.
  • CALCULATIONS: We know how to calculate how much of any material you need for a particular job to prevent over or under purchasing.

Call us and give us the opportunity to show you how promptly, efficiently, and cost effective we are.

Pricing for

Hauling Services

Transfer trucking rate – $100/hr
Ten wheeler trucking rate – $95/hr
Bay Area rate – $110/hr
Mountain rate – $120/hr

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Service Area

75 miles radius from Stockton, Ca

Cities served includes

San Francisco East Bay, Sacramento, Stockton, Lodi, Tracy, Modesto, Manteca, Galt Elkgrove, Valley Springts, San Andreas and other surrounding areas.

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