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About Meza Trucking

The Best Trucking & Materials company

Serving the Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento, San Francisco and all surrounding areas

About Our Reliable and Experienced Trucking Services

The best trucking and materials company in Lodi, Meza Trucking was started in 1998 by Jesse Meza. Reliable and experienced, the company was started with the intent to haul and deliver the highest quality products. Meza trucking has served the Lodi local area ranging from Sacramento to Stockton and Modesto, San Francisco to San Andreas including all the surrounding cities.

Meza Trucking has served Central Valley for over 25 years. Our purpose is to provide top end quality soils, gravel, decorative rock, mulches and more at the lowest prices possible.

Meza Trucking employs highly skilled and experienced drivers. These drivers’ goals include safety and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission 

Meza Trucking is comprised of a team of highly skilled professionals with a mission to build long-term relationships with our customers. We are building our future on a foundation of world class safety, unmatched service, exceptional quality, and a superior reputation in our community.  Once you know about us, you will always use our trucking and materials delivery service.

About Us

Meza Trucking

1. Quality – Meza Trucking is focused on doing the work correctly the first time.

a. We eliminate the need for duplicate work or wasted time having to do “redo” any work.
b. We will provide better service than our competition.
c. Every employee at Meza Trucking is responsible for quality performance.
d. On project completion, we request customer feedback.

2. Safety – Safety is our number one priority in everything we do.

a. Employees take precautions so they do not get injured at work.
b. Our employees are resposible for their safety and the safety of their co-workers.
c. We believe that no one gets hurt if everyone in the pool is a lifeguard, therefore, in the same manner, our employees are all taught to be a “lifeguard” on the job.
d. Safety practices are always required in the performance of any job by employees.

3. Service – Meza Trucking provides unmatched services and products.

a. Professional conduct is a must at all times by all employees.
b. In addition, we go above and beyond our customer’s expectations ensuring their satisfaction.
c. It is good to smile and be pleasant.
d. We must take care of our customers well, or someone else will.

4. Company Image – Perception becomes reality.

a. Our fleet of trucks and equipment are well maintained and kept clean.
b. Accordingly, our work areas such as the shops, plants, job sites, and pits are kept in a neat and orderly fashion.
c. We stay active and involved in our community through personal involvement, donations, and functions.
d. We conserve energy and recycle as much as possible.

5. Our Team – We have developed a team of experts in our industry.

a. We believe our employees are our most valuable resource.
b. Meza Trucking promotes and cultivates future leaders for our company.
c. Training, coaching, and providing experience enable our employees to succeed.


Our service area for delivery of dirt, soil, rock, gravel and other construction and landscape materials includes Sacramento, Stockton, Tracy, Modesto, Lodi, Ripon, Manteca, Galt, Elkgrove, Valley Springs, and San Andreas.

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Service Area

75 miles radius from Stockton, Ca

Cities served includes

San Francisco East Bay, Sacramento, Stockton, Lodi, Tracy, Modesto, Manteca, Galt Elkgrove, Valley Springts, San Andreas and other surrounding areas.

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