Preparing to Mulch

Benefits to mulching with homegrown mulch, woodchips, or other mulch include weed control and landscaping.  To get the most out of your mulch and your efforts, prepare the area by:

  1. Killing the weeds

Eliminate the weeds and unwanted plants in the area you will be putting down mulch.  Old fashion pulling them out works simply and efficiently.  You may use some herbicide one to two weeks before mulching which will allow the weeds to die completely.  The removal is easier.


  1. Trimming bushes and trees

Trimming nearby trees and bushes will help prevent debris from falling on your new mulch after you put it down.


  1. Cleaning out your garden beds

Removing dead leaves, trimmings, and weeds with an adjustable rake will make sure that your mulch is placed on clean ground for maximum benefits.

  1. Cultivate your landscaping beds

After cleaning, rototill or hand cultivate the ground to allow the dirt to be moistened and aerated.

  1. Edging landscape beds

Using a power edger or an edging shovel, create a clean edge to give your landscape a professional look.  You can use a garden hose as a guide for edges with curves.  Doing this before putting down the mulch is easier and will really make your landscape more attractive.

  1. Raking the area smooth

Smooth all the surfaces before putting down the mulch.  This will prevent your gardens from looking lumpy after the mulch is placed.

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